Pharmoduct is the only automated compounding system for antineoplastic drugs that is CE marked as a Medical Device

Highly flexible, Pharmoduct supports a broad array of final containers, including syringes, bags, elastomeric pumps, and bottles.
All preparations are compounded in a laminar airflow, negative pressure chamber graded ISO 5 class according to EN ISO 14644 (corresponding to EU GMP class A).
Thanks to its unique continuous gravimetric control system, Pharmoduct ensures high dosing precision, with a 5% tolerance on the final volume. Visual recognition and barcode reading capabilities, ensure that the right drug is used for the right patient, eliminating the risk for drug mix-ups, and ensuring proper tracking of lots and expiration date.


With its built-in safety and control features, Pharmoduct is the perfect solution for reducing risk for patients and operators alike.


With its unique continuous gravimetric control system, Pharmoduct grants unprecedented dosing precision.


Pharmoduct allows to optimize resource consumption and workforce allocation, reducing drug waste and increasing productivity.


With its range of supported final containers, Pharmoduct is among the most flexibles automated compounding solutions.


Pharmoduct is designed to improve efficiency

The risk for chemical and biological contamination during and after the compounding process is contained, leveraging on a patented ozone-based disinfection method that ensures the highest degree of cleanliness on the internal surfaces.

Pharmoduct is designed to improve efficiency within the cleanroom, with advanced scheduling functionalities and compounding algorithms designed to optimize time usage and drug consumption.

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