Consumable kits are an integral part of the Pharmoduct approach: used for preparing intermediate multidose bags, for ensuring the absence of cross-contamination during compounding and for expanding the range of final containers supported by Pharmoduct, our consumables are the key for a seamless and safe workflow.

All consumables kit come equipped with a standard luer-lock connector, making the final doses compounded by Pharmoduct compatible with most administration lines available on the market.

Empty Bags kit

with a sterile empty bag and a filling/administration line. The bag is filled by Pharmoduct with the patient dose, and the infusion line is automatically primed with diluent.

Transfer Set

the kit allows for the usage of final containers provided by other vendors, such as prefilled diluent bags and bottles.

Multidose kit

a set of consumables used to fill intermediate multidose bags, useful for drug consumption optimization and batching.

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