Pharmoduct leverages on a high precision gravimetric control system to ensure maximum precision and accuracy of the final dosage. The gravimetric control is supported by three different scales, used for both continuous and differential gravimetric control: the system will know at any moment the precise amount of drug and diluent in each container, to minimize the likelihood of failed preparations and to keep the accuracy within the ±5% range.

Key features:
  • Continuous gravimetric control supported by differential double-check
  • Three separated scales for drugs, diluent and double check
  • 5% accuracy on doses


Pharmoduct is designed as a risk reduction tool, to allow for a safer experience in the cleanroom. Its negative pressure compounding environment protects the user from contamination during the compounding, and the automated waste management system takes care of any unwanted surface contamination on the discarded drug containers. Finally, the system is password protected, and the whole compounding process is logged to ensure proper accountability and compliance with quality standards.

Key features:
  • ISO 5, negative pressure compounding environment
  • Automated waste management system
  • Full operations log, to ensure proper accountability


Through its unique continuous gravimetric control system, Pharmoduct provides high precision and accuracy during compounding. This, along with visual recognition of ingredients and full traceability of requests, grants that the right patient will receive the right dosage at the right time.
Thanks to the ISO 5 negative pressure laminar airflow of its compounding chamber, Pharmoduct ensures maximum cleanness of the preparation.

Key features:
  • ISO 5, negative pressure compounding environment
  • Continuous gravimetric control and visual recognition system to ensure drug and dose appropriateness
  • Unique Ozone vapor based decontamination system, LOG6


The Vision System is the heart of the Pharmoduct traceability capabilities: thanks to a database of 300+ substances, constantly updated, Pharmoduct can automatically recognize drugs and diluents, acquiring all relevant information including specialty, format, lot number, and expiration date. The embedded printer will then produce customizable labels, to ensure that the whole compounding workflow is monitored and that the drug dose is correctly identified throughout the process.

Key features:
  • Automated image recognition system
  • More than 300 validated ingredients (and growing)
  • Full traceability of: Drug data, Operator, Patient


Rather than mimicking manual compounding, Pharmoduct changes the paradigm of traditional compounding by leveraging on multidose bags as intermediate drug containers, allowing for unpreceded planning and scheduling capabilities. Thanks to its high performance and innovative approach, Pharmoduct can reach an average throughput of 20 preparations per hour, delivered in a flexible mix of final containers.

Key features:
  • Up to 15 drug vials at a time
  • Multidose bag production as an intermediate container
  • Average throughput of 20 preparations per hour


Pharmoduct introduces the concept of total flexibility in aseptic compounding.
Pharmoduct can measure and fill various final containers during the same filling cycle. This includes bags, syringes, elastomeric pumps or cassettes. Thanks to its multidose approach, it can be used to facilitate a complete production cycle, from the primary drug vial to the final preparation, or for filling multi-dose bags during production downtime.
The multipoint management system ensures connectivity to several e-prescription software simultaneously, making Pharmoduct the ideal solution for the Hub & Spoke model.

Key features:
  • Allows compounding of various containers in the same session
  • Allow the use of commercial IV bags
  • Integrates with multiple e-Prescription software


Compounding workflow optimization allows for effective staff allocation and makes the entire process more efficient.
Speed and accuracy of operation create tangible savings, greater productivity and increase in performance and results. This is critical in response to the continuous rise in demand for pharmaceutical treatments.
Allows the checking and measurement of drug consumption, including overfill.

Key features:
  • Better staff organisation
  • Increased productivity leading to economies of scale
  • Customisable monitoring and reports


With its 1.53 square meters size, Pharmoduct is the smallest compounding robot in the world.
Pharmoduct doesn’t require structural changes, like floor reinforcement or a large door, and it is delivered in two separate wooden boxes to simplify handling.
Installation is very fast and with designed IO/Q protocols, Pharmoduct can be ready for its first compounding session within one week.

Key features:
  • Size (HxWxD): 226cm. x 174cm. x 88cm.
  • Weight: 680 Kg
  • Workspace required: 7.0 square meters
  • No structural changes required